Our story


"I started Organizations for Impact with a goal to both bring together people and ideas from across sectors, industries, and disciplines focused on a common goal -  to make life better for people at work. And to better focus  these efforts on turning ideas into action one organization at a time. I truly believe that the world is full of people with bold ideas and good intentions, the task now is to better link these ideas to action, and begin to drive real, sustainable, and positive changes in how we work."

Christine Yip, Founder and Managing Director of Organizations for Impact


organizations for impact was created to help improve the quality of life of people at work…

This desire has been a guiding principle of OFI’s founder, Christine Yip, from early in her  career. From her graduate studies in organizational psychology, to her work as a business management consultant, through to her career shift into social policy. A unique career path that was driven by a desire to find better more effective ways to help others, that ultimately uncovered an opportunity to improve how we manage people and organizations.

Today, traditional approaches to management focus their efforts on the quickest, fastest way to get people to work harder and produce more with less. This often overlooks the profound impacts these approaches are having on our long term individual, organizational and social well-being. Issues around fairness, inclusion, well-being, and security at work are not only common and systemic across our workforces, but they are what we talk about to out trusted co-workers, friends and partners, and all to often now, what shows up on the news when we get home. Traditional approaches to management are failing to address these issues, and some would argue, exacerbate them.  So the question now becomes- what do we do about it?

Organizations for Impact is an attempt to provide an answer to this question. A boutique consultancy that offers management solutions that looks beyond what has been done already and focuses on how we can get better. OFI's goal is simple: To work with private, not for profit and public sector organizations to help make work better – better for those who work, for organizations trying to achieve their goals, and better for a healthy, productive society.