We develop and deliver content for both in person and web-based training programs and learning sessions focused on improving skills and competencies across the following areas:

  • Gender, diversity, and equity at work
  • Implicit attitudes and motivation at work 
  • Culture and systems transformation
  • Engagement and empowerment at work
  • Health and well-being at work
  • Behavioral change management
  • Leadership and team effectiveness


Convening & Facilitation

We work with organizations to design and facilitate meetings, workshops, and collaborative sessions that are aimed at:

  • Stimulating collective action and collaboration
  • Generating fresh ideas
  • Designing innovation solutions
  • Breaking down siloes 
  • Building consensus 
  • Inspiring action 



We strongly advocate for the use of data and evidence to inform decisions that impact the lives of people at work and as such work with our clients to build their capacity and support the application of research, measurement, and analytics through:

  • Defining the purpose and key questions for analysis
  • Identifying the right data, metrics, and assessment tools 
  • Gathering and analyzing both qualitative and quantitative data
  • Benchmarking against key people metrics
  • Communicating the results to key stakeholders 


people & change Management

We work with clients to identify and transform organizational structures, policies and programs that influence the experiences, behaviors, and outcomes of people at work, including:  

  • Human capital strategy 
  • Organizational design and governance
  • Workforce planning and job design
  • Organization and team culture
  • Diversity and inclusion programs
  • Leadership development and succession planning
  • Talent management and HR processes
  • Engagement and wellness programs