Organizations for Impact

let's change the way we work, for the better.



We work with private, not for profit and public sector leaders to build more inclusive, psychologically safe, and empowering workplaces.

Our goal is to help organizations better balance bottom line thinking with human centred management practices to improve outcomes for employees, organizations and society as a whole.


We take a unique approach that empowers organizations to think outside the box, take bold action, and drive positive change FOR PEOPLE AT work.


We Connect Ideas

We work to better connect experts and ideas from across disciplines, sectors, and industries that have a common focus - to make work better. This approach provides our clients access to the newest and best thinking when making critical decisions towards improving the outcomes of people at work.


We Take a Systems Approach

The outcomes and experiences of people at work are the result of a complex system of individual attitudes, organizational programs and processes, and social and cultural factors all working together. Solutions to address some of the most pressing people issues at work cannot be designed and implemented in a vacuum. We understand this system and work with our clients to identify the root causes to better target change efforts.


We use Data and analytics

Numbers talk and people listen. We work with our clients to identify the right data and analyses that will help answer some of the most pressing questions about how to improve the experiences of people at work. This is imperative to not only better target change efforts, but to raise the profile of these issues throughout the organization. 


We leverage Behavioral Science

Insights from across the behavioral sciences offers a wealth of information about what drives the behavior, attitudes, and outcomes of people at work.  Whether it is an implementation of a new technology, a change in a company‚Äôs organization structure, or adding a new program to address gender equity, we can leverage this insight to design organizations, processes, and change programs that are better aligned to the realities of people's experiences on the ground.